Pastor Michael Burris

Pastor Michael Burris is a man that loves and ministers to saints and sinners alike. He started Decatur Baptist Church at a Bible college in one of the campus classrooms. Along with his wife Jean Burris and their four children they began a work which is still a lighthouse in the community.

He has been blessed through his hard work and prayer, with a strong Bible-based Christian family church dedicated to preaching and teaching of God’s word. Pastor Burris has a strong love for spiritual hymns and songs; as a result, we have many that give their talents and their hearts to praise God.

In addition to a twice weekly preaching schedule at Decatur Baptist, Pastor Burris also gives of his time to help young pastors in their callings. With a listening ear and words born of experience, he is an abundant help to all who seek it. He has also given of his pulpit for these men to exercise their calling. His outgoing personality, and friendly demeanor encourage young people and old to seek him out for advice and conversation. The Lord greatly using our pastor to lead and grow the flock at Decatur Baptist Church and to reach the world for Christ; for that we are eternally grateful.