July 2017 Prayletter-Missionary Leon Lucas

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Dear Fellowlabourers,

The end of this month found us at Decatur Baptist Church’s Youth and Family Conference. Attendance was down somewhat compared to previous years but God’s blessings were as abundant as ever. Examples of his blessings are things like several new families were there this year, a couple of new preachers preached, and the conference was held, after a few years absence, back at the Baptist Refuge Camp (it actually has a new name now) in Carnesville, GA. The serenity of listening to cicadas at night and waking up to the quiet of the countryside were some things to be cherished. It was also good to go from our sleeping quarters to the various sessions without having to fight traffic. It was even better to be challenged from God’s word repeatedly, to go to the altar at the end of each service, and to have a time of fellowship with other believers after the services. The photo on the upper left shows a few of the men having good fellowship. The men were interested in talking but the next picture shows that Pastor Walsh’s granddaughter was more interested in disposing of her piece of watermelon.

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