February 2017 Prayletter-Missionary Leon Lucas

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Dear Fellowlabourers,

We spent most of the month of February with our good friends at Grace Bible Baptist in Pensacola, FL. I will have much more to report on that visit later. Before that, allow me to tell you that February is special because my wife’s birthday is on the 14th (ValentinesDay) and our youngest daughter’s birthday is on the 27th. They like to celebrate their birthdays. I grew up with 10 siblings. Because of the great number of us, it was not practical for my parents to buy us gifts or have grand celebrations. Consequently, the only thing we could count on for our birthday was the “Birthday Licks” from our siblings or a “Birthday Spanking”from our parents. Therefore, we tried to get through our birthday without anyone knowing about it. For those of you who didn’t grow up in the part of the country that I did probably think that was cruel, but it wasn’t. It was the custom and it was perfectly acceptable. Back to my wife -her family, observed birthdays with great fanfare. By comparison to previous years, her birthday this year seemed to be one of her most exciting ones. The ladies at Grace Baptist helped her celebrate it in splendid fashion. She was excited for days afterwards.

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